Create, Compose, Connect! Reading, Writing and Learning with Digital Tools

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Jeremy Hyler
Create, Compose, Connect!
Troy Hicks
Welcome to the companion wiki page for our book! We hope that you find the resources here useful as you continue your own journey to integrate digital reading and writing into your classroom. Please select the appropriate chapter to find links associated with that section of the book.
  • Chapter 1: Create, Compose, Connect!
  • Chapter 2: Building a Classroom (and Virtual) Community
  • Chapter 3: Characters With Character (Narrative)
  • Chapter 4:Reading Our World, Writing Our Future (Informational)
  • Chapter 5: Looking for Evidence (Argumentative)
  • Chapter 6: Can You Hear Me Now? (Speaking and Listening)
  • Chapter 7: Seeing isn’t Always Believing (Visual Literacy)
  • Chapter 8: Our Many Voices (Multigenre/Multimodal Research Project)


Teaching the Core: The non-freaked out approach to teaching the CCSS - Great resource shared at our digital literacy institute and with Brian Kelly's Class.

MACUL/MRA 2014 Presentation on Chapter 5 - Argument Writing:

Create, Compose, Connect!
  • #Englishchat – 1/12/15 by Jeremy Hyler Jan 12, 2015
    As more and more students bring mobile devices to school, we have more opportunities (and challenges) to teach reading and writing, speaking and listening. For next week’s #engchat conversation (1/12/15 at 7:00 PM EST), join co-authors Jerem...
  • NCTE 2014 RESOURCES by Jeremy Hyler Nov 22, 2014
    Friday Session Integrated and Innovative Session Saturday Session Teachers as Writers
  • TL Handy Middle School PD by Jeremy Hyler Aug 29, 2014
    Yesterday I (Jeremy) had the pleasure of doing a PD session with the teachers from TL Handy Middle School in Bay City, Michigan. Yesterday we talked about summaries and why it is important for students to summarize. You can see the outline of thei...